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Those of you who are new to Japan’s baseball scene may be wondering- who are the Hanshin Tigers? And why are they so popular that baseball fans from outside of Japan want to buy Hanshin Tigers merchandise?


Baseball is one of the most popular sports in Japan, and one of the longest-running teams in Nippon Professional Baseball is the Hanshin Tigers. Along with being one of the oldest teams, they are also one of the most successful. As a part of the Central League, the Tigers have captured the pennant a total of five times to date, and also have won the Japan Series.

The Hanshin Tigers have also made an impact in the United States/Canada’s Major League Baseball organization. The Tigers played the New York Yankees in 2004, when the MLB season opened in Japan. The Yankees are recognized as one of the best teams in MLB history, boasting a total of 27 World Series Championship wins- an MLB record. When they played The Hanshin Tigers, they were defeated 11-7.

The Hanshin Tigers has also featured a former member of MLB. Randy Bass left the Minnesota Twins in 1982 and joined the Tigers. As their starting first-baseman, he helped the Tigers win the pennant and Japan Series in 1985.

The Hanshin Tigers’ popularity cannot be denied. A large of amount of baseball fans attend their games every year, sometimes totaling to over three million. And the Tigers popularity continues to grow, as baseball fans in the United States are becoming aware of one of Japan’s most successful teams, and are joining their fan base.

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