When you watch baseball, what do you wear? ICON × Tigers T for your New Year

2017 Happy New Year!

Kakehashi Sports celebrated its 1st year in October last year, and media exposure and new sales contracts also increased, so 2016 was a year of leap. We will do our best this year with plenty of news, so thank you for your support!

In one of our blogs late last year,we introduced our new products that got a considerable response – Official Hanshin Tigers Love & Like T-shirt !


With black and yellow tiger colors and a “thumbs up” or heart under the logo, these stylish T-shirts can be fully utilized as fashion wear.

How nice! The Love T-shirt has a feminine design, with short sleeves and a wider U neck. And the cool icon along with the Tigers logo makes a big impact!

These are must-have items, because those T have excellent compatibility with baseball caps, hoodies, sunglasses which you may wear for visiting a baseball stadium.


 It is a collaborative design by Hanshin Tigers and the up-and-coming apparel brand from Switzerland, ICONSPEAK.

Kakehashi Sports is the exclusive dealer in Japan for ICONSPEAK T shirts. Click here for the line-up.


Every December to January is baseball’s off-season,but this T-shirt can be worn not only while watching games, but also at fans gatherings and at the New Years party.

How about checking out the wear from now until the opening game in February this year?


✩ Kakehashi Sports website! Great deals!


▼Check the products here

Official Hanshin Tigers Love & Like T-shirts!


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